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Did you know: You can track unlimited products for a flat monthly fee on RankTracer Enterprise (from only $30 monthly).

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RankTracer is irreplaceable.
Kevin Bohacz
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RankTracer is a great service!
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Discover new marketing strategies

Find out what marketing and promotions competitors used and add these to your own playlist.

Spot business opportunities

Virtual real-time sales data (i.e. within the hour) means you can react quickly to new opportunities faster than anyone else.

Source better products

See first hand which products are selling better before you stock them.

Spy on competitors' sales

Track the sales of any book or product sold on Amazon to see what's selling & what's not.

Unbeatable market research

Why guess when you can track the sales of any products in your niche, and know for sure.

Better business intelligence

Put together a killer competitive analysis by understanding how competitors perform.

  How to track books or products on RankTracer

We're a subscription based service that tracks your books or products (from around 65c per month) on an hourly basis, once you have purchased a subscription in your account.
RankTracer provides a hugely powerful platform for tracking and analyzing the sales performance of products sold on any Amazon locale. Here's how you get started:
  1. Create a free account
  2. Specify which products you want to track, on which Amazon locale, and for how long
  3. Complete the checkout process
Once we have received payment, your subscriptions are activated and we begin tracking sales data on the hour every hour. You can renew your subscriptions at any time, or purchase trace credit to automate this process.

  Can I get the historical sales rank data for my products?

With something like 70 million products available for sale on Amazon, it is simply not possible for us to track absolutely everything in the hope that someone wants to see that data.
Instead, we build up sales rank information on the hour every hour from the moment your subscription to track a product is activated.

This means that, unfortunately, we cannot tell you what sales your products generated last year if you only sign up with us today. We recommend that you begin tracking products as soon as they are available on Amazon in order to capture all of their sales rank data.

Once we begin tracking a product, we will continue to build up sales ranks and sales estimates until such time as you allow your tracking subscription to expire.

  What type of products can I track on Amazon?

While there are some exceptions (like products sold via third party merchants), it is possible to track virtually any product on any Amazon locale.
The best way to find out if your product is trackable on RankTracer is to create an account and search for that product in the space provided in your account's analytics workstation.

If we return a sales rank with the product then you can track it. If we don't return a sales rank when you search for the product then it may be that the product is very new and a sales rank is not yet available via the Amazon Web services back-end.

Try again in a few days, and if there is still no sales rank you can always drop us a line and we'll see if we can help out.

If you do track a product which returns no sales rank data, then we will happily provide you with a full refund for that subscription.

  How can I use RankTracer for market research?

The hourly sales rank data that we generate allows you to see the effect of marketing, advertising, reviews, press releases, and any other marketing or advertising activities, pretty much in real time.
Not only that, but you can track anyone's books or products with RankTracer, so you can see how your products are competing in the context of your niche market as a whole.

Now consider a situation in which a competitor receives a favorable review on a local radio station. If you are tracking their product on RankTracer, it's a cinch to see what effect that review had. If their sales spike, then you know that it's worth approaching that radio station to review your own book/ product.

Remember that we offer accurate sales estimates that make use of some pretty serious proprietary algorithms to help you get a good idea of actual sales figures. While they are not 100% accurate, they are certainly good enough to gather some great marketing intelligence.

  Amazon sales & market research features

RankTracer has been designed to make it as easy as possible to track your own products, as well as those of competitors, and compare and analyze their sales performance for market research insight.

RankTracer combines the following great features into one completely unique service:

  • Powerful, interactive graphs
  • Accurate sales estimates
  • PDF reports
  • RSS feeds
  • Full product sales analytics
  • Alerts
  • Instant access to reviews and other Amazon info
and much, much more...

  Marketing and social engagement to help increase sales

The price tag to use RankTracer's service is incredibly low. But, part of what we do is to help generate sales so that you make more money by using RankTracer.
While our service alone generates far more value than the price tag demands, we also provide a number of additional features:
  • Social sharing of Amazon sales data for tracked products
  • Write articles that discuss and link directly to your products
  • Maintain blogs that discuss and link directly to your products
  • Regularly write press releases that help promote your products
  • Create Amazon lists and guides recommended your products
and, you guessed it, much much more.

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