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Why Track Amazon Sales & Prices?

Know When to Buy. Know How to Sell.

Responsive, Interactive & Printable Charts

We're not only about accurate data. We also present it beautifully. Here's a standard chart showing the price and sales of Napoleon Hill's smash hit book entitled Think and Grow Rich. Go ahead. Hover over it. Click on 'Price (New)' or 'Sales Rank' to show or hide that data. Resize your screen. Click on the print icon (bottom right).

Price Tracker Based Marketing & Shopping

Having access to an hourly, accurate sales & Amazon Price Tracker opens up a world of opportunity for your business (and household). Instantly comparing price histories, price drops, savings, and sales performance becomes a snap. Need to buy office supplies? Here's a chart showing the price (x-axis) vs. savings (y-axis) vs. sales (size of bubble) for best selling computer desks.

Sales, discounts & price tracker for computer desks

What about marketing? Well, all of the interactive charts we provide can be converted to a shareable image at the click of a button (look for the small print icon at the bottom right of any chart). This visually compelling, easy to understand data is fantastic content for social media marketing, blogging and other types of media used for marketing and advertising.

Price Tracking Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Buying office supplies and business equipment, household appliances, gifts, toys, or even digital goods using hourly sales & price tracking means you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to massive (but short-lived) price drops. Here's our Black Friday Deals page showing a filtered view of all products with a 70 - 80% discount (using the '70+' search filter).

Black Friday Deals with 70% or more off

The Cyber Monday Deals page relies on our Buy Rating metric that combines current and historical price data to determine when a product is selling at (or very near) its historical lowest price. Items listed here might not be as highly discounted as the Black Friday listings, but you can be certain it won't be offered cheaper anywhere else.

Cyber Monday Deals at lowest historical prices

Marketing Technology for Unbeatable Insights & Shareable Data

Imagine what you can do with:

Overall, we offer great market research for publishers, marketers, manufacturers and sellers. Great data for bloggers, reviewers & journos. Great money saving guidance for shoppers.

Spot Business Opportunities

Virtual real-time sales & price tracking (i.e. within the hour) means you can react quickly to new opportunities faster than anyone else.

Discover New Marketing Strategies

Find out what marketing and promotions competitors use and add these strategies to your own marketing playlist.

Spy on Competitors' Sales

Track the sales of any book or product sold on Amazon to see what's selling & what's not.

Source Better Products

See first hand which products are selling better before you stock them.

Better Business Intelligence

Put together a killer competitive analysis by understanding how competitors perform.

Unbeatable Market Research

Why guess when you can track the sales of any products in your niche, and know for sure.

What We Offer

Awesome Features Come Standard

Interactive Sales & Price Charts

Create attractive, responsive and interactive charts that can easily be converted into PNG for inclusion into your own reports.

Multiple Locales

Track items across a range of major Amazon locales including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada & Japan.

All Product Types

Monitor any type of product. While there are occasionally items for which Amazon does not return sales data, these cases are rare.

Hourly Data

We collect new sales data on the hour every hour from the time you begin tracking the item.

Sales & Price Alerts

Configure sales rank & price change boundaries to receive alerts to monitor items for changes in real-time.

Sales Estimates

See accurate sales estimates including a range of stats and data analysis on all tracked items.

Comparison Groups & Charts

Create smaller groups of related items and chart these together to quickly compare their sales performance.

Social Sharing

Easily share any sales or price data for any tracked item at the click of a button. Bragging rights & marketing, backed up by hard data.

Live Product Data

See live product data direct from Amazon, including images, pricing & reviews as well as mentions from the Web.

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