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Amazon Sales Tracker

"Amazon sales ranks & charts for any product"
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RankTracer is irreplaceable.
Kevin Bohacz
Author of Immortality

RankTracer is a great service!
Richard Vigilante
Richard Vigilante Books

Why track Amazon sales ranks?

Discover new marketing strategies

Find out what marketing and promotions competitors use and add these strategies to your own marketing playlist.

Spot business opportunities

Virtual real-time sales data (i.e. within the hour) means you can react quickly to new opportunities faster than anyone else.

Source better products

See first hand which products are selling better before you stock them.

Spy on competitors' sales

Track the sales of any book or product sold on Amazon to see what's selling & what's not.

Unbeatable market research

Why guess when you can track the sales of any products in your niche, and know for sure.

Better business intelligence

Put together a killer competitive analysis by understanding how competitors perform.

Amazon sales charts & data

We track sales data changes for any product sold across Amazon (including US, UK, DE, FR, CA, JP) on an hourly basis to bring you deep insights into what's happening in and across your niche. In addition to plenty of sales rank stats, live product price data, social marketing and promotions, and much more, you can also chart and view sales info quickly and easily.

Amazon sales data

Eached tracked item gets a complete overview with live price data and product image, sales rank stats, sales estimate stats, access to live product review data, social sharing & promotions, email sharing, raw data, and quick links to online product research.

Amazon sales data

Amazon sales charts

Build daily, weekly or monthly sales charts with one click in the product sales overview. See hourly sales rank changes along with sales estimates for any product.

Amazon sales chart

Sales comparisons

Compare sales between any products using custom charts for any date range. See how marketing, promotions, or other events impact sales for any number of products in one chart.

Amazon sales comparison chart

What we offer

LocalesWe can track items on any major Amazon locale, including US, UK, DE, FR, CA, JP
Product categories (books, electronics, clothes, etc)Any/All. While there are occasionally items for which Amazon does not return sales data, these cases are rare (and often temporary).
Data rateHourly. We collect new sales data on the hour every hour from the time you begin tracking the item. This means you are never more than 60 minutes behind the latest changes in the market.
Product dataWe provide live product data direct from Amazon, including images and pricing (best price, and buy new).
Sales & conversionsWe provide direct links to closely related products including which items were purchased with, or instead of the tracked item.
Quick chartsQuickly check the sales performance of any item over the last day, week, month and historic (historic data extends back to when tracking began - we cannot provide data from before this time)
Sales rank alertsSet sales rank boundaries to receive alerts whenever a product starts selling well (or poorly). Use this information to quickly identify new marketing and promotions for that item.
Sales rank statsSee the current (live) sales rank value, earlier values, 24 hour average, overall average (since tracking began), best rank, and worst rank.
Sales estimatesSee accurate sales estimates for the previous 24 hours, daily average sales, and sales to date (since tracking began)
Email dataQuickly share any product's sales data via email.
Raw dataAccess a CSV raw data file to incorporate our underlying data into your own Excel spreadsheets or charts.
CompetitorsQuickly identify the products Amazon considers to be direct competitors to a given tracked item.
ReviewsQuickly access comprehensive review data, including the latest reviews for each product.
Social sharingShare any sales rank or sales estimate data for any tracked item at the click of a button. Perfect for bragging rights, backed up by hard data. A great way to promote your own books or products.
On GoogleQuickly find out what mentions of a product have occurred on Google over the previous week, or month.
On TwitterSee what the social buzz is around any tracked item at any time.
Advanced chartsCombine sales data from any one or more items to quickly compare their performance over any time period (since tracking began). Create a range of chart types, including line, bar and 3D. Group sales data by hour, day, week or month.
Comparison groupsInstead of looking through your entire list of tracked items, create smaller groups of related items and chart these together, or view them in the overview. Order items using a simple drag and drop interface.
Add & remove tracked productsTrack new items at any time. Remove them at the click of a button and track others. You are only limited by the number of tracked items at a single time (this depends on the plan you select).
ReportsReceive weekly or monthly PDF summary reports for your entire account.
InformationView important information about your subscriptions and plan limits, including opting in or out of our important updates and announcements newsletter.
AccountUpdate or edit your account details at any time.
SupportContact us at any time to ask a question. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, knowledgeable help as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Free sales toolsWe also offer a number of free Amazon sales rank tools, including lists of the best selling items across all major categories as well as a global sales rank tool that can show you how any product is selling across the world.
No contracts or obligationsStart an account at any time, and cancel payments to us to deactivate it at any time. No questions asked. Simply restart payments to reactivate the account at a later stage. Simple. Easy. No risk.
RefundsFrom time to time we are unable to provide clients with the data they need. Get in touch with us early on to alert us to potential problems and if we can't solve it we are more than happy to offer a full refund (at our discretion).
Affiliate programWe offer a generous affiliate program to anyone who can generate 20 or more new signups. If you know anyone who'd be interested in using RankTracer, why not get paid for it?