Amazon Price Alerts

Hourly Amazon Price Drop (& Increase) Alerts

An accurate hourly price alert forms a vital part of any Amazon sellers' toolkit. Understanding how product prices change can help sellers sell more and shoppers save more.

Hourly Amazon Prices

Most Amazon products have an entire ecosystem of sellers competing to make sales behind the scenes. This means that the best price offered on any one item fluctuates continuously as different sellers compete on price.

Tracking Amazon price changes using a free tool that only gathers one or two price points per day is therefore essentially pointless because it will miss most of the quick changes (that may last only an hour or two).

Here's an overview of the sales and price data for the PS4 Slim Black Console over the course of a week.

Hourly Amazon Price Data for PS4 Console

Notice how often the price drops and increases and how quickly the changes occur. Without tracking prices on an hourly basis you're simply going to miss out on all this data and never receive the alerts you're after.

Price Drop Alerts

Setting a price drop alert for any product is as easy as checking a box.

Setting an Amazon Price Drop Alert

Price Increase Alerts

Setting a price increase alert for any product is as easy as checking a box too.

Setting an Amazon Price Increase Alert

It's just as easy to receive an alert for both.

Setting an Amazon Price Drop & Increase Alert

Strategic Buying & Selling with Price Tracking

To go along with your price alerts, it's also useful to have a few stats about the product's overall price behavior. For example, receiving a price drop alert from $10 to $9 is interesting, but if you can see that it's average price is $7 it might be better to hold off on buying until the price drops even lower. Conversely, if the price drops below the previous best price that's a good indication that now is the right time to buy.

For Amazon sellers, the equation is reversed. If the price rises it may be a good indication that you can generate some sales at a profitable level. By comparing the price alerts you receive to the overall pricing profile it is possible to make better strategic designs and ultimately increase sales and profits.

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