hOme 70 Pint Dehumidifier

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hOme 70 Pint Dehumidifier (Large Image)
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hOme 70 Pint Dehumidifier is currently selling at $179.99, approximately $10.96 lower than average. With a lowest price of $174.99 and an average of $190.95 it is selling on the low end of its usual range. Price volatility is 1.04% (meaning it does not change often), but right now this product is a recommended 'good deal'.

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hOme 70 Pint Dehumidifier Product Info

Protect your home or basement from mold and mildew, and breathe easy with the Energy Star certified hOme 9 Gallon Dehumidifier. It quickly and effectively reduces odor and bacteria through its powerful built-in pump compressor, and removes up to 9 gallons (70 pints) of moisture from surrounding humid air per day.

Product Details

  • Size: 15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Rated current: 4.7 Amps
  • Moisture removal: 9 gallons (70 pints) per day
  • Removeable water tank capacity: 1.6 gallons / 6 liters
  • UL & Energy Star rated
  • Includes: Washable filter, built-in handles wheels, drain hose outlet
  • Features: Touch control panel; auto restart, shut off and defrost; turbo mode; continuous dehumidifying; 24-hour timer; custom humidity level from 35% to 85%
  • Best for: Spaces between 2500 and 4000 sq ft, with room temp from 41°F to 95°F
Product Care and Use
WATER REMOVAL: For manual removal: Turn off Dehumidifier when water tank is full, remove tank from Dehumidifier and empty its bucket. For continuous draining: Attach Dehumidifier drain hose outlet to female-threaded end of standard water hose before use.

OPERATION: Dehumidifier automatically enters a 3-minute rest period after completing a moisture removal cycle. To prevent damage, do not start Dehumidifier during rest period. Operation starts again automatically when rest period is complete.

NOISE REDUCTION: To reduce noise during use, position Dehumidifier on level surface and ensure air filter is not clogged.

IMPORTANT: Like most dehumidifiers, our 9 Gallon (70 Pint) model emits dry hot air from its fan during moisture removal. To help prevent significant increases in surrounding air temperature during use, we recommend it for large rooms or basements with a minimum of 2500 square feet.


  • 9-GALLON LARGE DEHUMIDIFIER: If your standard unit of measure is ice cream, our dehumidifier removes up to 70 pints from the air per day. But we measure in gallons (because we're talking about water) to make the capacity easier to comprehend. This moisture-sucking beast is fit for any basement, cellar or large room, and it's Energy Star certified, so it quickly and effectively absorbs moisture without racking up your energy bill.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE MODERN HOME: That most dehumidifiers are clunky eyesores is news to nobody. We designed with the modern consumer in mind: a sleek, clean look our customers love, convenient built-in wheels and handles, and a quiet fan that won't drown out your current binge-watching obsession. Durability is key, too, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty, plus an extra 6 months if you register on our website.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE: Dehumidifiers don't need to be complicated, so ours isn't. Adjust to your ideal moisture setting, then let it run its continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, at which point it will automatically shut-off. Don't got time for that? There's also a drain hose outlet for continuous draining. The hose is not included; we recommend a ?" diameter garden hose with a female threaded end, and optionally Teflon tape for extra security.
  • ELIMINATES MOISTNESS, ODOR & OTHER THINGS YOU HATE: Moist is a bad word. Our portable humidifier reduces odors and allergens by removing bacteria from humid air through its built-in pump compressor. It also features a turbo mode that increases fan speed from normal to high for maximum moisture removal and odor reduction.

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