RAVPower 26800 Battery Pack

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RAVPower 26800 Battery Pack (Large Image)
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RAVPower 26800 Battery Pack Product Info

In order to reach the best performance, we suggest you choose 5V/2A or 5V/2.4A charger as well as the original USB cable which takes about 13-15 hours to be fully recharged. During recharging, the first battery indicator starts blinking when the power bank is being charged. When the battery level reaches 25%, the first indicator becomes lights on and the second starts blinking. The pattern repeats until all indicators become lights on and the device is fully charged. NOTE: AC Charger is sold separately.

13 Hour Charging for 9 Day Use
Let RAVPower’s monster-powered 26800mAh battery banks save your day and back your devices with triple USB ports, blazing 26800mAh battery, and up to 9 days of reliable power on a single recharge. Never get stranded again no matter where you are, or how many friends you bring along.

Share the Power, Share the Fun
Power three devices at the same time through triple powerful iSmart 2.0 USB ports, faster & safer. Benefit from the impressive total 5.5A current and maximum 2.4A output for each port to achieve the optimized charging efficiency.

13 Hour Recharging via 2A Input
Reloading titanic power no longer takes days but only 13 hours with the twice as fast DC 5V/2A input. Easily save 50% of recharging time for doubled fun on the road. Use a DC 5V/2A or above charger to achieve full charging speed.

Capacity: 26800mAh
Input: DC 5V/2A (Standard Micro USB Port)
Output: DC 5V/5.5A Total (Each 2.4A Max)

What’s In the Box:
1 x RAVPower Xtreme Series 26800mAh Power Bank (Model: RP-PB41)
1 x 2 Micro-USB Charging Cables
1 x Travel Pouch
1 x User Manual

Compatible with the new 12 inch MacBook 2015 (USB-C to USB 2.0 cable needed) & tablets (including the Nexus 7).


  • Choose the RAVPower Treatment: Entrusted by 100,000+ customers for keeping their devices charged when off the grid
  • Colossal Battery Capacity: 26800mAh charges most smartphones over 6 times or a tablet 2+ times for an average of 9 days of unrestrained usage per charge
  • Charges 3 Devices Simultaneously: 3 iSmart 2.0 USB ports provide a powerful total current output of 5.5A. Note: Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • High-Speed Recharging: Charges in just 14-15 hours with a 2.4A charger or 23-24 hours with a 1A charger

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