Panda PAN70SWR GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic

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Panda PAN70SWR GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic (Large Image)
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Panda PAN70SWR GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic is currently selling at $324.97, approximately $4.43 lower than average. With a lowest price of $324.97 and an average of $329.40 it is selling on the low end of its usual range. Price volatility is 0.3% (meaning it does not change often), but right now this product is a recommended 'fantastic buy'.

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Panda PAN70SWR GPS Larger Size Fully Automatic Product Info

Third generation, advanced design, Panda 2.1 cu.ft / 15lbs capacity is right choice for you and your family. Brand: Panda Model: PAN70SWR-GPS Color: White Volume Capacity: 2.1 Cu. Ft / 15lbs Wash Cycle: 6 Water Level: 3 Tub Material: Stainless Steel Unit Weight:85lbs Unit Dimensions (inch): 37.0 (H) * 21.4 (W) * 22.1 (D) Install hoses for (For use faucet in kitchen and drain water in the sink) 1. Remove the faucet filter or nozzle from your tap. 2. screw silver part of facet quick adaptor to the tap and tighten firmly. The adaptor has both female and male threads, choose one size that suits your tap 3. one end of inlet hose attaches to COLD connector on the back of washer, tighten with a wrench 4. The other end of inlet hose attaches to the silver adaptor which is already fixed on faucet. 5. Hook the drain hose up to the sink. Make sure during washing, the drain hose must reach always at height of at least 30 inch (in the sink) to drain water out. 6. Always choose "Cool" temperature on the control panel, but you could adjust your warm, hot, or cold water from your tap. IMPORTANT: : 1. Please directly connect the water inlet hose to Cold connector in the back of the washer 2. Connect another end with faucet adaptor, then connect to the tap 3. Choose the Cold Water Temperature ONLY. If choose Hot or Warm water temperature, it may cause the machine malfunction. However, you can always feel free to adjust the temperature on the tap. Pre-Use Caution: Some small objects, such as coins or hair pin may possibly cause clogs for the drainage system. Before load clothes into the washer, please check with the pocket and remove all small objects from the pocket. We guarantee all washers are brand new, if you find some water or watermark, it's manufacture testing. The faucet adaptor is used for US standard size tap


  • Panda is a Top Brand in Washing Machine Category, provides various choices for your need with excellent quality and customer service
  • See-through viewing lid and stainless steel tub, Pulsator generates strong and weak water flows
  • Lager size 2.1cu.ft /15lbs capacity, Touchpad controls and LED indicator lights, Delay start available, Two built in rollers at the back for easy movement
  • 6 Fully automatic wash cycles: normal, quick, cotton, jeans, anti-wrinkle and air dry

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