Mario Party 8

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Mario Party 8 (Large Image)

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Sales & Price History Chart

Here's the sales and price history trends for Mario Party 8 over the previous month.

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Mario Party 8 is currently selling at $39.99, approximately $1.30 higher than average. With a lowest price of $37.25 and an average of $38.69 it is selling on the high end of its usual range. Price volatility is 1.04% (meaning it does not change often), but right now this product is a recommended 'wait'.

Top Wii Games vs Mario Party 8

Here's a price comparison list of Wii Games products that are closely related to Mario Party 8.

Savings & Buy Ratings

This table shows the relative prices of all the other items in this group compared with Mario Party 8 in addition to how much you can save on them right now. Click on the table headers to rank products by price, by savings in dollars (and as a percentage), and whether they are a Fantastic, Good, OK, or Wait buy. Click on any of the product names or images view a more in-depth sales & price history chart.

Name Best Price Current Price Saving ($) Saving (%) Rating
Mario Party 9 (Small Image) Mario Party 9 $36.99 (-$0.26) $41.00 (+$1.01) $8.99 17.98% OK Deal
Wii Sports Resort (Small Image) Wii Sports Resort $14.00 (-$23.25) $29.96 (-$10.03) $0.03 0.1% OK Deal
Wii Sports (Small Image) Wii Sports $10.00 (-$27.25) $30.46 (-$9.53) $0.00 0% OK Deal
Super Smash Bros  Brawl (Small Image) Super Smash Bros Brawl $27.68 (-$9.57) $28.99 (-$11.00) $6.86 19.14% OK Deal
Nintendo Selects  Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Small Image) Nintendo Selects Super Mario Galaxy 2 $16.99 (-$20.26) $19.99 (-$20.00) $0.00 0% Wait
Nintendo Selects  Super Mario All Stars (Small Image) Nintendo Selects Super Mario All Stars $15.00 (-$22.25) $21.25 (-$18.74) $0.00 0% OK Deal
Mario Kart Wii (Small Image) Mario Kart Wii $29.95 (-$7.30) $29.95 (-$10.04) $10.04 25.11% OK Deal
New Super Mario Bros  Wii (Small Image) New Super Mario Bros Wii $24.99 (-$12.26) $24.99 (-$15.00) $14.51 36.73% Good Deal
Just Dance 2017   Wii (Small Image) Just Dance 2017 Wii $18.80 (-$18.45) $18.80 (-$21.19) $21.19 52.99% Fantastic Deal

Mario Party 8 Comparison Rankings

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