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Everything you need to know about the Amazon Sales Rank (sometimes called the Best Seller Rank, or BSR)

The Amazon sales rank, updated hourly, is a relative representation of how products are selling in comparison to others in their primary category (niche). The lower the rank, the better a product is selling. A sales rank of 1 is therefore the best selling item in its category.

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Amazon Sales Ranks in Practice

Here's one of our standard charts tracking the sales and price changes for Napoleon Hill's best-seller, entitled Think and Grow Rich (Hint: hover over the chart for more data, click on 'Sales Rank' or 'Price (New)' to show or hide lines, click on the print icon):

From this you can see that the sales rank changes very frequently in response to new sales (or lack thereof). But while the sales rank changes every hour, there are also more general sales trends visible in the chart - in particular, the increase in sales experienced by this product during the middle of the month when the sales rank climbed into the top 1000. Taking into account the sales rank trends over this period, our sales estimate for this product, over this timeline, came to 512 units sold.

Notice too how the price tends to change from time to time. For many products that have many sellers competing within the Amazon marketplace, price changes (both drops and increases) can be very common. Prices can spike or drop for an hour and then snap back to their normal range. While knowing when prices are low is useful to shoppers, knowing the combination of how a product is selling in combination with its price is invaluable because it allows you to compete more effectively as a seller.

Sales & price comparison charts that show off exactly how a group of closely related products are priced, discounted and selling all at once. This makes saving money (and making money) quick, easy and fun. Here's a chart from our Price Tracker (also a sales tracker) showing a combination of price, discount and sales in one convenient chart for a selection of the best gaming laptops:

Sales, discounts & price tracker chart

While there are many theories about how the Amazon sales rank is calculated, and how many sales certain average ranks indicate, the best way to obtain accurate sales figures is to use an accurate, hourly sales tracker that analyzes those changes to produce accurate sales estimates for any product sold on Amazon (in the U.S. and around the world)..

Ideally, you want sales rank tracking combined with a price tracker too. This allows you to chart Amazon sales & prices together and get change alerts for both sales and prices in virtual real-time. Try out a demo or start tracking Amazon sales & prices.

Best Deals by Amazon Sales Rank

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Origin: A Novel

List price: $29.95Sales Rank: 3Offer price: $17.96Save: $11.99, or 40.03%

The Wisdom of Sundays: Life-Changing Insights from Super Soul Conversations

List price: $27.99Sales Rank: 2Offer price: $16.79Save: $11.20, or 40.01%

Leonardo da Vinci

List price: $35.00Sales Rank: 1Offer price: $20.99Save: $14.01, or 40.03%

The Sun and Her Flowers

List price: $16.99Sales Rank: 5Offer price: $10.28Save: $6.71, or 39.49%

Turtles All the Way Down

List price: $19.99Sales Rank: 4Offer price: $11.99Save: $8.00, or 40.02%

What Happened

List price: $30.00Sales Rank: 18Offer price: $17.99Save: $12.01, or 40.03%

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition

List price: $39.99Sales Rank: 12Offer price: $23.73Save: $16.26, or 40.66%


List price: $40.00Sales Rank: 14Offer price: $23.99Save: $16.01, or 40.03%

Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence (Bill O'Reilly's Killing Series)

List price: $30.00Sales Rank: 27Offer price: $17.95Save: $12.05, or 40.17%

Principles: Life and Work

List price: $30.00Sales Rank: 30Offer price: $18.00Save: $12.00, or 40%

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